Our recommendations are intended for all anarchists and they are accompanied by guides for putting the advice into practice.

An anarchist threat model needs to protect against State-level adversaries that seek to achieve targeted digital surveillance for incrimination or network mapping. Our goal is to obscure the visibility of our enemies into our lives and projects, and to leave no trace when relevant. Technology is hostile terrain.

We agree with the conclusion of an overview of targeted surveillance measures in France: "So let’s be clear about our responsibilities: if we knowingly bring a networked device equipped with a microphone and/or a camera (cell phone, baby monitor, computer, car GPS, networked watch, etc.) close to a conversation in which “private or confidential words are spoken” and must remain so, even if it's switched off, we become a potential state informer…"

Your Phone

Operating system: GrapheneOS is the only reasonably secure choice for cell phones. See GrapheneOS for Anarchists. Kill the cop in your pocket - if you decide to have a phone, treat it like an "encrypted landline" and leave it at home when you are out of the house.

Google Pixel phones are the only devices that currently meet the hardware security requirements of GrapheneOS. If that is not possible for you, DivestOS has more supported devices and is still significantly better than stock Android.

Your Computer

Operating system: Tails is unparalleled for sensitive computer use (writing and sending communiques, moderating a sketchy website, researching for actions, reading articles that may be criminalized, etc.). Tails runs from a USB drive and is designed with the anti-forensic property of leaving no trace of your activity on your computer, as well as forcing all Internet connections through the Tor network. See Tails for Anarchists and Tails Best Practices.

Operating system: Qubes OS has better security than Tails for many use cases, but has a steeper learning curve and no anti-forensic features. However, it is accessible enough for journalists and other non-technical users. Basic knowledge of using Linux is required - see Linux Essentials. Qubes OS can even run Windows programs such as Adobe InDesign, but much more securely than a standard Windows computer. See Qubes OS for Anarchists.

See When to Use Tails vs. Qubes OS

We do not offer "harm reduction" advice for Windows or macOS computers, as this is already widespread and gives a false sense of privacy and security. If you need to use one of these operating systems, see The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Online Anonymity for tutorials on Windows and macOS.

Encrypted Messaging

See Encrypted Messaging for Anarchists

Storing Electronic Devices

See Make Your Electronics Tamper-Evident.